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The forest resources – timber stock at record high Selected Results of the Third National Forest Inventory

The forest resources – timber stock at record high

The use of timber in Germany’s forests is sustainable. Less timber was used than grew back in all forest ownership types.

Forest in september. Photo: Reinhold Schönemund

With timber stocks of 3.7 billion cubic metres or 336 cubic metres per hectare, Germany holds a top position compared with other countries of Europe.

The forests supply timber and create jobs. In Germany more than 1.1 million people are employed in the forestry and timber sector (Seintsch, B. (2013): Cluster Forst und Holz nach neuer Wirtschaftszweigklassifikation, Thünen Working Paper 5).

In addition, in the era of climate change and the rise in prices of fossil fuels, the importance of timber as a renewable resource is increasing.