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Joint task of the Federal and Länder governments Surveying the forest

Joint task of the Federal and Länder governments

The National Forest Inventory is a joint project of the Federal and Länder governments.

Federal and state inventory managers and scientific staff. Photo: Friedrich Schmitz

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture clarifies the need for information with the Länder and interest groups then aligns it to the existing resources of the Federal government and Länder for the inventory. It commissioned the Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems with national inventory supervision.

The Thünen Institute draws up the survey method and data management, trains the inventory teams and evaluates the results.

The Länder compile the data. They deployed approximately 60 survey teams for the Third National Forest Inventory, which were specially trained in the survey methods and use of the survey software.

The Federal and Länder governments work together closely in the development of the inventory procedures. Their intensive cooperation and regular sharing ensure the uniform clarification of methodological questions as well as the quality of the data and results.